Thursday, October 18, 2012 At The Gordon-Nash

The Gordon-Nash Library is pleased to offer our patrons to explore exclusively in the library. 

Ancestry is an incredible source for people doing genealogical research. I’ve been working with it this week—just to be sure it will work on all our public computers—of course!  I have been rather astounded at certain records I’ve found and the potential family secrets that might be revealed with a little more research.

Why was my Grandfather living with my Great-Grandfather, from my Grandmother’s side, when he was 8 years old? Was he an orphan who returned later to marry their daughter?  Confusing? Yes! The story goes…

Come to the library to find out more!

We are fortunate that the State Library of New Hampshire has negotiated a deal that will allow our patrons to use this great resource; however, it can only be accessed in the library.

Navigating Ancestry is not difficult; however, I will be happy to assist you if you need a little guidance to find your way through the many options available. 

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