Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Call For Work

The Book Remade (working title)
The Gordon-Nash Library, in New Hampton, NH is sponsoring a show of books--re-worked, reorganized, painted, cut, ornamented or embellished--in any way the artist sees fit. The pieces may be interactive, or not, as the artist chooses.  We would also consider an installation or two.  Work must be delivered, and picked up, either through the mail, or in person, by the artist who will pay the transportation costs. Works will be for sale, if the artist wishes, with a 50/50 split with the Library.
We also have some books you may use, if you like, as long as you pay the shipping, or pick up the books at the library.
Deadline for Submissions is March 29th, 2013 for a show in April, 2013.
This is an open call with no costs for submission.
For more details please email:
Cathy Vincevic at

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