Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Re-dedication of the Civil War Memorial In New Hampton, New Hampshire

I was so pleased to welcome the children from the Mr. McCann’s Fourth Grade Class, of the New Hampton School, Matt Fisk NHS History Department Chair and his students from the New Hampton School, and Gordon DuBois, President of the New Hampton Historical Society, and everyone else to the library this morning for the first part of the Re-dedication of the Civil War Monument of New Hampton. 

Listening to Mr. Fisk telling us the story of the brave sons and brothers of New Hampton who went into that terrible war, and seeing the students from the New Hampton School, I couldn't help but think that those students, who were about to recite from Lincoln's writings at the unveiling, were the same age as some of the boys who, so many years ago, went to fight in the Civil War. 

I wish I could have gone with everyone to the monument to hear the recitations and  “Battle Hymn of the Republic” sung. Duty kept me in the library. There is something so important and touching about children's voices raised in song! Whenever I am in the presence of a scene like that my heart is always opened and, honestly, my eyes get a little dewy. 
The children were so attentive and interested in the history! 
I wonder how many ate Mr. Fisk's hard tack? 

So, it was an honor to play my little part in welcoming this great group of people. 
This is a wonderful community!

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