Friday, January 18, 2013

ART and PIANO Lessons at The Gordon-Nash Library!

NEW at the Gordon-Nash Library:

Music and Art Coaching Lessons

How can you improve your expressiveness on the musical instrument you love to play?  Do you want to get to the next level with technique or musicality?

Would you like to learn to draw from life, but are convinced you can't?

Martha Shepp, accompanist and pianist,  is offering her expertise in both music and art!
You may have heard her playing at the Gordon-Nash Library for our annual auction and
musical entertainment.

She will teach you how to really see and use line, shape, color, and value to create artworks you find beautiful and meaning filled.

$250.00 for 10 half hour sessions.

You may contact the library at

or telephone
(603) 744-8061
for more information

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