Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Next Generation of your library's digital collection is coming soon!

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Coming Soon - The Next Generation Experience
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The Next Generation of your library's digital collection is coming soon!

We've made it faster and more intuitive to connect you to the books you love. Get acquainted with the new experience before it gets here.

How to find a title to borrow

From the homepage, there will be several ways for you to find a title to enjoy.
  1. Select a cover image from any of the lists.

  2. Click a link from the Menu.

  3. Search for something you want.

You will be able to quickly tell which titles are available and which ones you can place on hold by the format icon in the top-right corner of a cover image. If a title isn't available, the icon will be greyed out.

How borrowing works

Borrowing and reading titles will be much easier. It will only take a few seconds to find a title and start reading. Accessing any borrowed title from your Bookshelf will only require a few clicks or taps.

  • eBooks: Click Borrow then Go to Bookshelf (you may be prompted to sign in) to read the title in your browser or download.

  • Additional formats (your library may offer audiobooks, video, or music):Select the title you want, click (or tap) Borrow, then download it from your Bookshelf.

    Note: To download additional formats, you'll need to installOverDrive Media Console or Adobe Digital Editions.

I can read eBooks from my browser?

OverDrive Read is a new in-browser-eBook reader. It will work just like any eBook reading app, except you don't need to activate or install extra software. Interested in learning more? Check out our Help site.

Other Notes

  • From your Account page, you will be able to view your HoldsLists (Wish List, Rated titles, and Recommendations for you), and change your lending period(s) from the Settings page
  • You can click the ribbon for a title to add or remove it from your Wish List.

  • The Menu bar will be available from any page—just click the icon to expand or collapse it.

  • You will be able to drill down search results by subject, rating, language, and more.
Note: If you're using Internet Explorer 7, you may need to download the Google Chrome Frame Plug-in. It's free and only takes moments to install.

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