Thursday, May 23, 2013

Morning Yoga with Donna 
Start your day off with a calm mind and rejuvenated body! 

This one hour yoga class is good for those who want to stretch and tone their bodies while building inner peace and strength. The session consists of seated warm-ups with focus on the breath to help center the body, standing and balancing postures to improve muscle and bone strength, and seated and supine stretches and twists that encourage the body to let go of toxins. The session finishes with a guided relaxation posture.

Donna Sullivan teaches a gentle/moderate style of yoga that is suitable for most adults and experience levels. Her classes are designed to help you calm your mind by connecting with your body through yogic breathing techniques and gentle flowing yoga postures.“After three years of taking yoga classes and seeing the positive effect it had on my mind and body. I decided to take my practice deeper and become a teacher so I could share my love of yoga with others.”

 Modifications are given to postures so you can personalize your practice based on your level of experience. Good for all levels, beginners are welcome, bring a yoga mat and small blanket.

Classes will start: Thursday June 6th and run the classes from 10:30 – 11:30. $13 per class or 5 for $50
Call 744-8061 to reserve your spot now!

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