Thursday, October 30, 2014

We are very pleased to be opening a gift shop at the library. Please support your local artists and the library by purchasing gifts at the library!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Live Free and Eat Pie! A Lake's Region Adventure!

Life Free and Eat Pie!

 On Sunday, November 2nd, Ms Rule will be at Interlakes School to talk about her stories and answer questions from readers.

The libraries of the Lakes Region have chosen Rebecca Rule’s “Live Free and Eat Pie” as the centerpiece for our 2014 community read project because it confirms our sense of common culture through the medium of story telling.  Although presented in the guise of a Baedeker, the book is much more.  It punctuates her more factual presentations with asides and stories that reveal the particular nature of our state and culture.  “Live Free and Eat Pie” would serve to reacquaint natives with local lore and give newcomers a deeper appreciation of the place they have come to live. And, by doing so through the medium of story, it can renew their appreciation for narrative.

About Rebecca
Rebecca Rule 
gathers and tells stories. She’s collected stories about what’s special about this rocky old state of New Hampshire for more than fifteen years.  Stories that speak to us not only of  our history, but of our identity.   She recently received an honorary doctorate from New England College for storytelling and contributions to New Hampshire literature.  Her publications include Moved and Seconded: NH Town Meeting, The Present, the Past, and the Future;  The Best Revenge (named one of five essential New Hampshire books by New Hampshire Magazine); Could Have Been Worse: True Stories, Embellishments, and Outright Lies;  Live Free and Eat Pie: A Storyteller’s Guide to NH; andHeadin’ for the Rhubarb: A New Hampshire Dictionary (well, kinda).

“The NH native, writer and humorist has a talent for seeing the funnies of real life. But beyond the smiles and laughs, she invariably succeeds at drawing forth lots of “now isn’t that true?” and “Just typical, isn’t it?”–Keene Sentinel

‘I’m very interested in Yankee culture…and love the humor in particular. For nearly 20 years, I’ve been traveling the state of New Hampshire telling the stories, and in the oral tradition, one story leads to another, so inevitably folks tell me stories.” — Rebecca Rule

Thursday, October 16, 2014

‘Til Death’ Movie Premier at The Purple Pit in Bristol

On Friday, October 17, 2014 The Purple Pit Coffee Lounge in Bristol, NH will host the movie premier of “Til Death”. This frightening psychological thriller/horror short film was written and directed by local film maker,Sam Kench.
Til Death” follows the mentally unstable Mrs. Crowley as she plots to murder her husband but the unforeseen guilt that chokes her mind drives her to her breaking point. The movie stars Danbury, NH residents, Cathy Nolan Vinčević and her husband Seval Vinčević , and was filmed in various locations around New Hampshire. The natural beauty of the area plays a sharp contrast to the hauntingly dark nature of the film.

This young film maker is one to keep an eye on. In addition to “Til Death” Sam Kench‘s has written and directed four short films including “The Soon To Be Deceased” which was included in the 2014 NH High School Short Film Festival. He also create the sketch comedy show “Yes Son That Is A Lion“. The first two seasons are available to check out at The Gordon-Nash Library, or you can CLICK HERE to watch them online.

Til Death movie premier at The Purple Pit in Bristol, NH

Watch the movie trailer:

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sam Kench Movie "Til Death" Premiere (Trailer)

Movie Premier!

 October 17th. 

The premier of “Til Death,” a film written and directed by Sam Kench. 
Sam is the founder of the Newfound Film Club, which meets at the library every Thursday afternoon.  
This movie has been filmed over the last two summers and will make its debut at 
The Purple Pit 28 Central Square, Bristol.  

Tickets are $5.00 and may be bought in advance at the library. Soda and Popcorn are included in the price of your ticket!

 Call 744-7800 for more information.  

By the way, one of the Stars of the movie is the Director of the Gordon-Nash Library.

Sam is also showing his artwork at the library during the second half of October. Sam was a painter before he became a filmmaker. When he watched a movie that he really loved he wanted to commemorate the experience by creating a painting.  Somewhere in the process of painting he realized he wanted to become a filmmaker.  
There will be an opening on October 22nd at the library to thank Sam for all his hard work. We will also show the movie. 

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