Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This month at the Gordon-Nash Library
Children's Art from
The Republic of Georgia
Iraqi Refugee Children's Art 


The overall mission of the Corporation is to aid in the preservation of peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation. The model for achieving this is through the synthesis of art, architecture, philosophy and poetry. The Corporation exists to promote and encourage true intercultural dialogue between countries, through which the representatives of different countries can discover shared values and spiritual commonality.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Gordon-Nash Library & U.N.H. Cooperative Extension Agency present:
New Hampshire's Wild History
New Hampshire's Wild History: 350 Years of New Hampshire Wildlife

The Wild History slide presentation takes participants on a virtual journey through New Hampshire’s past, focusing on changes in the land and how wildlife populations have responded over time. You’ll learn why changes in habitat in our past are behind the decline of many of our rarest species today, and why others are more abundant than in the past. You’ll also learn what you can do to help. Presentation includes handouts and other helpful materials.

Family history workshop
Saturday. February 7th 
Gordon Nash Library 
New Hampton NH. 

This workshop introduces basic skills needed to conduct interviews that can be shaped into stories.  Learn strategies for
· asking effective questions,
· how to follow promising leads,
· ways to trigger memories.  
The workshop will be led historian and story-teller Jo Radner.   Coffee and tea will be provided. Participants can bring a brown-bag lunch.

Pre-registration is required. Register at your SAM Coop
Library or online at samcoopnh,wordpress.com

10am-2pm at the Gordon Nash Library,
69 Main St, Hew Hampton 
For more  information, call 235-6950

 Hosted by the  Scrooge and Marley Coop with support from the New Hampshire Humanities council
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